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Company profile:

Established in 2006, Ningbo Desheng Import & Export Co., Ltd is a foreign trade company with the right of self-managed import and export.
The company has a foreign trade department, a packaging & inspection workshop, a metal production workshop and a weaving & sewing workshop with a total of 50-odd people employed.
Principal market: A variety of department stores and supermarkets in Japan, USA and Europe


Main products:

A wide range of household products, including commodities, kitchen wares, gardening tools, hand tools and cleaning implements, which amount to nearly 500 types.

More than 90% of our export products are ranging from US$0.30-US$0.50 FOB Ningbo.
Business features:  

As we all know, products made by domestic manufacturers are famous for their low price, yet their quality and lead-time cannot be guaranteed many a time, especially for small commodities of low value. The sellers have to spend a lot of time and money dealing with such problems.

Aiming at said problems, the approach taken by our company is to fully inspect sourced merchandize and repack them to client’s requirement while satisfying client’s requirement for lead time

For any complaint from a client with respect to quality, we will also work out a specific solution for the client as to the cause of, the method to deal with and how to avoid the problem.

We are also pleasure to cooperate with customer to develop new products and new design and OEM

Goal planned for the future:

Develop steadily, increase product types constantly, meet client’s demand in terms of, for example, price, quality and lead-time, and seek joint development together with clients.

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